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A Bag of Tricks to Keep Your Winter Energy Footprints from Cracking up Your Bank Account

Families with a talent for strategizing and budgeting always find a way to scrape out some extra savings by cutting corners from their monthlies. Winter in Red Deer means fat power bills, and before you start crunching numbers to adjust it with stay-at-home weekends and homemade dinners, here are some easier tactics all ready to be applied. They will last you through the fall and winter helping you save more and spend less on temperature control.
Allow Natural Lighting
Let all south-facing window curtains be drawn apart. Sunshine will flow abound naturally lighting and heating the room. No cost there!
Plastic up the Drafty Windows
The window kits are available for a few dollars and you can part with that amount without bellyaching. Spot out the leaky windows and use firm and clear plastic sheet to cover them up for the winter.
Thermostat to a Comfortable Low
Facts say you can save 10% power consumption if you keep the temperature to a steady 10 or 15 degrees. While that is pretty low, you can conserve some therm while you are out by turning the temperature to the said degree.
Regular Servicing of the Heating Units
Keep your heating systems well oiled throughout the year to save sudden breakdowns and unexpected expenses. An optimized system consumes lesser energy than a poorly kept counterpart.
Spread Kitchen Warmth from Oven Heat
While you bake cookies, let the kitchen door be a crack open to let the warmth spread around the house. Share the oven heat with the adjacent rooms for a tolerant environment temperature.
Silicon Sealants for Cracks and Holes
As a preparation for the winter, fill up all termite damages, holes, chips and everything that permits air passage, using silicon.
Try some, or all of the above, if possible to reduce your energy footprints this winter. Your electricity expense will shrink by itself.

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