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Air Conditioner Service Olds


Do you require Professional Air Conditioning repair?

Do you have issues with your air conditioner? Have you ever get the feeling that it’s not getting cold enough, or that your electric bill is consistently higher than usual? It’s time to contact a reputable HVAC and air conditioning company – call Olds Heating and AC!
We have been working in your area for a few years and have helped countless businesses and residences with their AC units during that time. We are well-equipped to handle any of your problems, whether they are repairs, replacements, or installations.

Our Services

Air Conditioning Inspection

An air conditioner has various parts and places where it can fail. First, we will inspect all of the parts and determine the problem to properly and quickly service your unit.

Air Conditioning Repair

We can begin our work after we have quoted you on the problem and consulted with you on how to best treat the problem. This could range from a simple pump replacement to a complete rewiring of your unit.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Finally, if you need an air conditioner replacement, we are the people to call. When there is a problem with the air conditioner that goes beyond normal use, the old unit must be replaced.
Give us a call at Olds Heating and AC and we’ll install the new unit as part of the purchase of your new unit.

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