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Boilers Service Olds


Do you require Expert Boiler Services?

For many Canadians, having a working water boiler is a necessary part of life. Not having hot running water sends shivers down their spines, especially if they are already using the shower without one. This is where you contact us for our expert boiler services.
Olds Heating and AC are HVAC professionals with extensive experience working with water boilers and running water lines throughout a house. Call us today for more information on our specialty pricing.

Our Services

Boiler Examination

The most important step is to conduct a thorough boiler inspection. If you are having boiler problems, it could be anything from a shorted fuse to a busted line somewhere in the house. We won’t know the answer until we inspect it.

Repair of the Boiler

We are capable of fixing and resolving the problem once we have identified and isolated it. Short fuses, wiring errors, and other such things are common causes of a malfunctioning boiler.

Replacement of the Boiler

Finally, some issues are simply unfixable. If your boiler is too old or inefficient to work in the environment you require, it will need to be replaced, and we are the company to do it.
Olds Heating and AC can provide you with a price quote for the boiler as well as the cost of installation if you give us a call today.

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