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Central Air Conditioning Service


Do you require Professional Central Air Conditioning Services?

Have you recently upgraded to a central air system but are still thinking as to what to do next? This is extremely common among users who have recently purchased or upgraded to a new system. If you’re used to space heaters and air conditioners, there could be a slew of issues you’re not used to, so you’ll need an HVAC company you can rely on to fix everything.
Fortunately for you, we are that HVAC company. Our expert technicians have been working in your area for several years and have helped both homes and businesses with their HVAC systems. Simply give us a call at Red Deer Heating and AC and let’s talk about your unit.

Our Services

Central Air Quality Inspection

The most significant distinction between central air conditioners and their space heater counterparts is the presence of both ductwork and external units. More moving parts can fail, and with our assistance, we can correctly identify any, if not all, of the problems that may be plaguing your system.

Central Air Conditioning Repair

Anything from refrigerant leaks to wire shortages can stand between you and the sweet relief of a working central air unit. We are accredited and capable of resolving all of these issues.

Replacement of Central Air Conditioning

Finally, you will need to replace your unit at some point. When that happens, make sure to call Red Deer Heating and AC for combo prices when you buy the unit from us and have us install it for you.

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