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Chillers and Cooling Towers Service


Are Chillers and Cooling Towers necessary to your business?

Chillers and chilling towers are extremely useful for storing and selling a variety of frozen products over weeks or months. Chillers and cooling towers are necessary if you want to make a long-term investment in your products and manage your sales.

Services We Offer

Inspection of Chiller

If you already own a chiller and are reporting issues with it, we can easily conduct a thorough inspection. A chiller’s most common problems are leaking condensation, low or leaking refrigerant, and power outages.

Repair of Chillers

We can start fixing the chiller after thorough inspection. Any of the problems listed will affect the chiller, and they can be as simple as replacing the electrical wiring or refilling the refrigerant.

Installation of a Chiller

However, if there is a fatal problem with the chiller or if you want a new chiller installed, it is a completely different service. First, we must inspect the area to ensure that it is fit for use, and then we will work quickly to install it and test to ensure that all of the wires and tubes function properly.
Owning and maintaining these devices could be tough. You’ll need to partner with a competent company to keep all of these devices running smoothly. That’s where Red Deer Heating and AC comes in.

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