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Commercial Flushometer Services



Do you have an issue with your Company’s Flushometer?

Flushometers are one of the most important aspect to keep the daily operations of business smooth. It ensures proper operation of your commercial plumbing system. The flushometer is in charge of managing the flushes that occur when people are attempting to dispose their waste. Unfortunately, this simple system is prone to a slew of issues.
Red Deer Heating and AC been serving your area for a number of years. You might have seen our work more than once during our time here. Continue reading if you want to learn more about our services.

Our Services

Flushometer Evaluation

If you want to test your flushometer, you should have a professional come and inspect it properly. Incorrectly testing a flushometer can cause more damage to the system than it already had.

Flushometer Repair

While your flushometer can be upgraded and replaced, most people are only interested in repairs. An existing flushometer system may only require a simple cord or chain swap, which can save you a lot of money.

Replacement of Flushometer

Finally, we provide complete flushometer replacement. You can not only replace previous flushometers and all of the problems that come with them, but you can also upgrade your flushometer. Upgrading your flushometer is being responsible and responsive to conventional technologies. Hands-free flushing, motion sensors, and button flushing instead of handle flushing are all the rage right now.
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