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Commercial Leak Repair and Services


Do you require Commercial Leak Repair Services?

Pipe leaks can cause serious structural damage to your business. It is not only dangerous for your home, but it is also dangerous for the tenants or attendees.
Red Deer Heating and AC are experienced in dealing with various types of piping. Not only can we easily navigate the area, but we can also perform leak detection. Every plumber has years of experience and training in detecting leaks using infrared, sound detection, and CCTV threading.

Avoidable Leaks

If you notice any of the following leaks, please contact us immediately so that we can patch them up and repair them.
Roof leaks – Can cause structural damage and cave-ins.
Pipe Leaks – These can cause the floor to sink.
Wall Leaks – Can lead to mold growth and structural deficiencies.

What Causes Leaks?

Constructed Pressure – If a clog occurs, it can add pressure to the line structure, causing ruptures.
Foreign Objects – Unwanted objects that pass through the line can catch and tear the piping.
Foreign Invaders – You may encounter moles, gophers, or other subterranean critters.
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