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Commercial Refrigeration Service


Is Commercial Refrigeration necessary in your business?
Do you work in a commercial refrigeration-required industry? Commercial refrigeration services are critical for businesses ranging from supermarkets to restaurants. Give us a call today if you’d like to upgrade or improve the quality of your refrigeration.
We at Red Deer Heating and AC have repaired and upgraded refrigerators for a variety of businesses and homeowners.

Services We Offer

Examine Refrigerator

If you already have a refrigerator, let us take a look at it. Refrigerator problems can include clogged or gunked-up vents, low refrigerant levels, faulty electrical connections, or simply having too many things inside the system.

Repairing the Refrigerator

We will produce a written quote for our services once we have isolated and itemized the problems with your refrigerator. We can begin repairing your commercial refrigerator once we have agreed on the terms of the agreement. This will always be followed by a thorough cleaning and clearing of the vents, as well as a test to ensure higher output quality.

Installation of the Refrigerator

However, if you don’t have a refrigerator or want to upgrade to a better model, we are the people to contact. We can inspect your area, determine the amount of energy needed, and install the new refrigerator quickly.

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