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Commercial Sink &Toilet Drains Cleaning & Repair Service


Do you require Commercial Sink and Toilet Drain cleaning?

If you require commercial sink and toilet drain cleaning, call Red Deer Heating and AC. We have been serving the area for many years and have helped countless businesses and commercial establishments with their sink and toilet drain cleaning needs.

Our Services

Cleaning the Sink

Sink backups are one of the most common types of backups in many commercial establishments. We can clean up the sinks in no time and prevent backflows from occurring in the future.

Cleaning the Toilet

If your business have toilet problems, you may be able to easily solve the problem by cleaning the toilet cleverly. Many issues arise when there is an excessive buildup in the toilet, but if you want to avoid costly replacement and repair fees, hire us for our comprehensive cleaning services.

Repairs of Drains and Sinks

If cleanings are insufficient, we also provide drain and sink repairs to ensure that any problems are completely resolved.
If you have any questions, please contact Red Deer Heating and AC at (587) 802-3192 so that we can get to work.

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