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Common AC Problems that you can troubleshoot

When your AC system is not working properly it could be a minor problem that can be fixed by you. But, in case the issue persists, you should call a certified technician for troubleshooting.
Even though, AC systems are very reliable, problems may arise. And the reason for that could be anything, say, its age or lack of maintenance. No matter what is the problem, it should be fixed as early as possible.
Tripped Breakers: The circuit breakers work to protect the electrical components against overheating. If electrical components are not functioning properly the breaker is the 1st thing your technician will check.
Capacitors: A capacitor helps the motors to run at a uniform speed. So, if the capacitor burns out, you will need to replace it to ensure that your AC works properly.
Filters: It is important to check the filters from time to time as it can be clogged by dirt particles. Although, cleaning of filters is DIY project, if you find excessive dirt in the filter you should contact a certified AC technician.
Refrigerant Leak: Leaks are common in AC systems usually at the connections or joints. With no refrigerant the AC system will not produce cool air and it is also harmful to the compressor. It’s like driving your car without engine oil.
Re-refrigeration is a complicated process and should also be done by a qualified AC technician as it is highly compressed gas and at times the breakage / leakage needs to be soldered plus the refrigerant needs to be topped up.
Drain Lines at the evaporator: They are often clogged with algae and dirt, which needs to be cleaned regularly.
If you find maintenance of AC units to be a time consuming, outsource the job to a specialist. That way not only you save time, but also your future expenditures on costly parts and repairs.

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