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Dehumidification Service


Do you require Professional Dehumidification?

Excess humidity is a problem in many climates across Canada. The presence of an excess of humidity in your home is almost guaranteed if you live near a body of water. This can result in the growth of fungus, mildews, and molds. All of which can have an adverse effect on your quality of life.
Look no further if you want a company that can install, repair, and monitor the effectiveness of your dehumidifier. Red Deer Heating and AC have been serving your area for many years and have extensive experience with both humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Services We Offer

Inspected Dehumidifier

An inspection is the first step. Thorough cleaning or draining your dehumidifiers usually suffice. But they will naturally become clogged or full if they take in too much air, dirt, and debris.

Repair of a Dehumidifier

However, if cleaning is insufficient, we must inspect the individual parts. If we discover any damages on the pumps or filters, we can quickly order replacement parts and repair your unit.

Replacement of Dehumidifier

Finally, if your dehumidifier has had enough of fighting the good fight, it’s time to bid farewell and replace it.
Call Red Deer Heating and AC so we can assist you in locating the best unit for your needs, as well as replace it and install it in your home.

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