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Is your boiler ready for the winter?

Is your heating system ready to work after a long summer sleep? If not then, getting it professionally serviced will keep it working smoothly and will keep the heating costs under check. Heating and cooling units are usually trouble-free and therefore can be maintained easily. Smooth operation is possible only after regular maintenance. Regardless of the type of heating device you have, there are a lot of things that you can do for its efficient functioning. A few basic precautions can be done by yourself but for optimal performance a certified HVAC technician is recommended. Since your heating device has been sleeping all these summer days, you need to look for the below conditions;

  • Ensure that your heating equipment is receiving power. Also, check for tripped circuit.
  • If your equipment has a reset button, find out if it is working.
  • Make sure that the thermostat is working properly.
  • Boiler log should be updated and maintained regularly to ensure it doesn’t let you down.
  • If your system makes use of natural gas, you should check whether the gas supply is on. Also, the pilot light should be lit.
  • Aside, it is equally important to clean water gauge glass of your boiler. This unit allows you to observe the water level, but if the water stains, clogging the connections, then it may result in wrong readings. In such a situation, the glass should be replaced.

Failure to maintain your heating device in good working condition may lead to higher fuel costs, furnace explosion or loss of transfer of heat. Since modern fuel devices are quite complex in nature, for its maintenance or repair, it would be wise to leave the responsibility on your skilled technician. So, if you need an inspection / service for your boiler, call us now.

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