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Kitchen Drain Cleaning Service


Do you require the cleaning of your Kitchen Drain?

Scum and other buildups in kitchen drains are common, preventing liquid from draining properly. If you’re looking for a plumber who can clean and clear your kitchen drain, call Red Deer Heating and AC today and we’ll have that drain cleared out in no time.
We have been working in your area for several years and have assisted countless businesses in cleaning and clearing out their drains with no issues.

Services We Offer

Cleaning of Kitchen Drains

The most common service for clearing out an exit pipe on the market is kitchen drain cleaning. As a result, we can remove potential buildups while also increasing the flow of the drain for increased efficiency.

Kitchen Plunging

Furthermore, if there is a buildup on the drain, there may be a buildup further down the line. Make sure to mention it during the phone call if you want to remove potential buildups that could cause backflow issues.

Remediation of Backflows

Finally, if your drain has caused backflow and you require assistance in resolving the issue, please contact us regarding our backflow remediation services. Call Red Deer Heating and AC at (587) 802-3192 and let’s fix it in no time.

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