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Kitchen Ventilation Service Olds


Is Commercial Kitchen Ventilation necessary?

Proper kitchen ventilation is essential. It’s great for keeping flavor aromas separate, for fire and smoke control in a building, and it’s a must-have for any restaurant.

Services We Offer

Inspection of a Commercial Kitchen

Call Olds Heating and AC right away if you notice any issues with your kitchen’s ventilation. It’s often related to the fans, the motor, or the ductwork. Often, a simple cleaning and thorough electrical tune-up for the motor will suffice.

Repair of Commercial Kitchen

The solution is not always so simple. A breach can occur if an obstruction goes unnoticed for an extended period of time. Something may poke through and cause damage to the ductwork, necessitating our immediate and direct repair services.

Installation of a Commercial Kitchen

If you’re cooking with the windows open in your restaurant, you may be interested in our commercial kitchen installation services. We can quickly install a complete ductwork and ventilation system that will drastically improve the efficiency of your kitchen.
When you need a company that can work closely with your needs as a restaurant owner while remaining discreet and quick, you can count on Olds Heating and AC to solve any problem.

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