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Pipe Bursting & Pipe Lining Services


If you have a burst pipe or require pipe lining services, we are the people to call in these situations. Simply give us a call at Red Deer Heating and AC today!

Our Sewer Line Repair Services

Pipe replacement

We provide extensive repiping services in the event that a backup is so severe that the pipes are damaged. The process would necessitate the use of an uprooting service, as well as some excavating. However, once the job is completed, it will take at least a few hours to completely replace the damaged parts.

CCTV Surveillance

If you are concerned about the possibility of clogged sewer lines and would like to hire us as a preventative measure. Then our CCTV monitoring services are just what you need. We run a fiber optic cable through the plumbing to detect buildups before they occur. Similar to the floating balloon in arteries, we can see areas that may be blocked and provide preventative advice and treatment to reduce the likelihood of a blockage.


The process of following up on CCTV monitoring and possibly preparing for repiping. Rooting is the process of expunging and breaking up waste and material inside piping lines using one of our rooting devices. This simplifies the process of clearing the pipes as well as removing any odors that may be present.
Simply give us a call at Red Deer Heating and AC and we can have it fixed in no time.

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